When There’s Already A Book On The Same Subject

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So you do your research—or save yourself time and energy by using my guide to get a book idea in under 15 minutes—and come up with your book topic.

You’re pumped about it! Your mind forecasts what you’re going to write about and how great this book is going to be.

Then you feel your stomach turn when you stumble upon a book that looks identical to your topic. The title and the book description seem to basically sum up what you were going to share in your book.

You think to yourself in defeat, “Oh no! There’s already a book out there exactly like my idea. I guess I need to pick a different topic and start from scratch.”

But hold on right there, not so fast.

Here are three reasons why you can stick with your book idea and move forward with it.

Reason 1: Already Plenty Of Similar Books

Go on the internet and visit a category in the Amazon Kindle Store or go to a physical bookstore and look at an aisle of books. What do you see?

Depending where you look, there are so many titles that cover:

  • How to get thin through dieting
  • How to be more productive
  • A crime or mystery
  • A romantic or erotic story
  • A science fiction saga

The point is that every popular book subject has had plenty of books written about it, because people like reading those books. And so it’s almost impossible to find an original topic.

But, here’s why this fact is not a negative, but actually a positive that works to your advantage: the books that cover these unoriginal topics sell and that means they’re worth your time.

If it’s a popular book topic, that means it’s a proven subject with a big audience behind it that’s ready to buy, which is exactly what you want.

For example, these 10 famous self published authors don’t write about the most unique topics. They’ve found a genre that works for them, and stick to it for the most part.

So instead of trying to avoid popular book subjects, a better strategy is to take notice of the popular topics and their big audiences.

Or you can try to write a book on a topic that’s never been touched on before in human history and so it shocks the world to sell millions of books. But, good luck finding that.

Because like the unicorn, I don’t believe this book topic exists.

And even if you have the most unique topic that’s completely unfathomable until now, are you sure there’s an audience for it? I’ll bet there probably isn’t and your book is going to flop.

Reason 2: Your Words And Style Are Different

Since all humans are unique and express themselves differently, the words and voice you use to write your book are going to make it distinct.

Even if written about the same topic, one book written in a conversational voice is going to read much differently than the same book written in a formal voice.

The reader will inevitably pick up different insights based on the different word choices and tone.

Plus, the stories and examples from your life are often a way to help the reader contextualize the information better. And no other human is going to have the same stories as you.

So even if you think your book idea sounds the same as another book on the Kindle catalog, it will be different.

And the unique way you tell your version may be exactly what people wanted. Because your way of communicating the information could impact a reader better than another author’s book.

That’s why you need to just get started writing this book because it may be a disservice to some if you don’t.

Reason 3: Your Approach Is New

It’s likely the book or books you think are similar were published years before yours is going to go live. And you know that the world changes immensely in a few years (mostly due to technology, in my opinion).

With this said, reason three why you can write about the same topic is you can provide a new and fresh perspective in your book.

If it’s a non-fiction book, maybe the platform you need to execute is different and you know a better approach that you’ll share with the readers. Or maybe what used to be most important element is now the third most important factor based on how society and technology changed.

Time always brings changes, so use this to your advantage when you’re taking on a book idea that’s already been written about.

Also, you have the advantage of reading the similar book’s 2-star and 3-star Amazon reviews to see what the audience wanted and were disappointed about.

If the book is popular, there’s definitely going to be a fair share of naysayers who had issues with the book. But, I recommend avoiding the 1-star reviews as those can be crazy people that are unhelpful in your research.

Then you can implement this feedback to make sure your book adds value to readers by addressing the points this other book did not.

While it’s certainly beneficial to be the first to write about a subject, there are advantages to learning from books with similar subjects before you publish.

Final Words

Because there are many books with similar content, your words are different, and your approach is new, go ahead and write your book even if the subject is unoriginal.

Plus, there’s a probably a good reason you picked this book idea in the first place. It must have stood out to you because of your interest in the topic or the opportunity.

Now that you have checked this task off the book writing process, use these 11 habits of successful writers to help you write a book.

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What other questions do you have about writing a book when there’s already a book on a similar subject? If you’ve already published a book under this circumstance, how do you approach this process?

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