Why Authors Should Use Snapchat To Sell More Books

authors use snapchat to sell books

If you’re an author with an email list, what are your email open rates?

They’re probably around 20%, give a few percentage points higher or lower. Your email open rates are important because that determines who views your blog posts and which readers go on to buy your books—kind of a big deal.

While email open rates go stagnate or lower in the future, how is that going to affect your business? It’s an important question to ask, even if it’s depressing.

I don’t know that answer. But I do know there’s a growing social platform that offers an incredible solution for increasing your followers, interacting with them, and selling to them.

This social media platform is none other than Snapchat!

Snapchat is amazing when it comes to open rates. Depending on the quality of your story and how many followers you have, the open rates on your Snapchat Story can get a 90% open rate.

Remember your 20% email open rate, and Snapchat blows that away! Plus it’s more personable, authentic, and engaging than an email ever could be.

Readers always want to connect to their favorite authors, and with Snapchat you can answer their questions or have a full conversation with them.

That’s why I’m telling you now, today, is the time to get serious on Snapchat. Do it while the audience is growing and hot, or you’ll regret it later when it’s so big that every author is on it.

How To Improve Your Snapchat Following

If you’re not on board, you probably stopped reading this. But if you believe it’s time to jump on the Snapchat train, here are four key steps to get a positive start.

1. Change your Snapchat name to your username

If your name and username are different on Snapchat, you risk people missing out on finding you to view your pictures and videos. That’s not what you want, especially if you put a ton of work into it.

So the first thing you should do is change your Snapchat name so it matches your username. To do this:

  1. Open Snapchat and click on the top ghost the top middle
  2. Click on your name to open the Edit Name window
  3. Change your name so it matches your username

For example, my Snapchat username is @brobben so I changed my name from “Brian Robben” to “brobben.” 

Now when people hear about your Snapchat story and ask your name, they’ll have no trouble finding you.

2. Allow “Everyone” to view your story

Another change to make is in the Settings page. Once you’re there, scroll down to WHO CAN… and change View My Story from “My Friends“ to “Everyone.” This way, everyone can view your story and you’ll open yourself to getting a bigger following.

In the beginning it might not make much of a difference to your numbers, but over time this will make a difference if you continue to promote your Snapchat.

3. Post quality, consistent content

Just like on your blog, Instagram, Facebook page, Twitter, growing an audience is all about posting quality content time and time again.

If you post terrible Snapchats, it’s going to be hard to get viewers to buy your book when you snap them about it. But, if your posts are funny, creative, interesting, helpful, or gives people some reason to care, then you can direct their views to your book sales page or blog posts.

My goal is to post five snaps a day, counting photos and videos.

4. Use other platforms to send traffic

Speaking of those other social media platforms in tip #3, a great way to grow your Snapchat following as an author is to spread the word about your username on your other social media accounts. It’s likely these accounts have a much bigger audience that would love to get a personal touch from you on Snapchat.

Add your Snapchat to the side of your blog. Tell your email subscribers about it. Put it in your email signature. Include it in your LinkedIn bio. You get the idea.

If you think about it, building your snapchat audience the same way you build your blog or Instagram account. It’s a different social media platform, but the game is the same in the big picture.

So follow those four tips and your Snapchat following will be well on its way.

I’m looking forward to seeing all you aspiring authors and authors on Snapchat. Follow me on Snapchat by searching this username: @brobben

Do you already use Snapchat to grow your audience? Why or why not? Feel free to comment below with any of your thoughts or questions. I’m happy to respond.

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