How To Be A Successful Guest Blogger


A rookie blogger, no matter how hard working or skilled, simply isn’t going to have an audience starting out. So while they should continue to produce content on their own blog, making time to guest post is going to jump start their audience better than anything else.

And an established blogger could find their views, subscribers, and profits hit a plateau with no signs of improvement. Their solution is the same: to guest blog and persuade an audience of another site to give their attention to his or her website.

So whether you’re just starting out or you have an established audience, guest blogging is a tried and true method to grow your readership.

You can follow the steps below to be a successful guest blogger.

Offer Unique Or New Content

Bloggers aren’t like Mother Theresa with a helping hand to the needy. They have to know that your guest post is going to provide value to their community and to them before accepting your guest post pitch.

So do your research to see what types of posts on their site get the most attention and see how you can do a spin on that or a follow-up. Research also helps to see what content the blogger hasn’t posted ever, or recently, so you can explain how this unique content would drive value.

Or if you have special results, skills, or insights in an area that not many people have, offer to write about that. Those kinds of guest posts, as long as they’re related to the blog’s niche, perform well.

Make It Easy On The Blogger

Too often bloggers looking to guest post will email the site asking to do a guest post and leave it at that. Successful guest bloggers will go the extra step to email three different guest post ideas with a quick blurb about each one. This makes it easy for the blogger to decide if they want you to go forward with your post.

It’s also helpful to include in your guest post pitch that you’ll make it as easy as possible for the blogger by giving them your piece in html format. The html format will have the SEO content, images, headings, spellcheck, and links already included. So they can copy and paste the html into their WordPress, then it’s ready to go when it’s time to publish.

The last thing you want to do is make them regret giving you permission to guest post on their site, or cancelling your guest post because it’s too much work for them.

Make your guest post a blessing, not a burden, and they’ll certainly appreciate your effort and it’ll help build the relationship.

Write Your Best Content

You should already write amazing content on your author blog. But when it comes time to guest blog, you need to truly do your best work.

For one, it’d be disrespectful to the host blogger to give a weak or average effort. They’re trusting you to bring it and you drop the ball—bad news.

And two, this is a new community’s first impression of you, so you want to stand out and present yourself in the best way possible. Give all you got. Otherwise, the audience won’t click to your site and you’ve lost them forever. If you’re going to do weak or average guest posts, there’s no point in doing them to begin with.

Send Traffic To Their Site

It simultaneously helps the blogger and yourself to drive more traffic to the guest post by sharing it. More social media marketing leads to more traffic, more comments, and more perceived value for you.

So share that post on your email list, Facebook, Twitter, and ask other influencers to share it. This extra effort is worth it.

A guest post that helps the blogger’s traffic will send the message that your content is good and their audience loves you. This will turn into future opportunities down the road. But if your guest post is dead, they won’t give you another opportunity because it hurts them.

Thank Them And Continue The Relationship

They didn’t have to let you guest post and give you the attention of their audience, but they did. So be polite and thank them for the opportunity.

If you want to truly build the relationship, since relationships are key to book marketing, find a way to return the favor. Let them write a guest post on your site. Or market their product on your email list. This back and forth reciprocal relationship can be huge for the both of you.

While my post gave the core essentials to successful guest posting, here’s a list of blogs for writers that accept guest posts.

Have you focused on guest blogging to build your audience and subscribers? If not, what holds you back? I’d love to continue this discussion in the comments below.

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