3 Elements Of A Book Cover That Stands Out


If you’re like many authors or entrepreneurs, you completed the hero’s journey of writing a book. Through many battles and fights with writer’s block, you made it out the other side victorious!

All of that writing and those learning curve struggles also have taken a toll on you. Maybe to such an effect, that you’re tempted to shortcut the book cover design process.

My advice is loud and clear on that idea—don’t do it!

Your book cover deserves all of your attention and energy to create something that your readers and you are proud of.

Stay motivated in one of the final steps of the publishing process, because it’s well worth it.

Designing the cover is also a nice change of pace from writing. And seeing a physical representation of your written book is a rewarding experience unlike anything else.

How Important Is The Book Cover

How important is your book cover for book sales? Only (arguably) the most important!

Forget about the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” The only reason this phrase surfaced is because everyone does judge a book by its cover. It’s human nature! (A more accurate phrase is to judge a book by everything, including its cover.)

Your book cover is the first impression you make. And you already know how important first impressions are.

If you look like a homeless person when you meet your significant other’s parents for the first time, they probably will question what their daughter is doing with you.

If you wear a t-shirt and sandals to job interviews at corporate firms, you can put a fork in your employment chances.

If you haven’t showered in weeks and go on a first date, they’ll ditch you at the restaurant and never speak to you again.

First impressions are huge! It’s the test where the other person instantly decides if they enjoy your presence or would rather never see you again. And there are no do overs.

What this means for you is if you don’t have a book that’s judged well by its cover, it will be game over in the reader’s mind. You lost them before they got a chance to check out your book reviews, introduction, and sales page description

Give your full attention to getting a book cover that sells, because it’s a necessity with so many books to choose from.

The DNA Of A Cover That Sells

What makes a great book cover? Based on my research of bestselling books and my own experience, it comes down to these three factors:

1) Big and easy to read title

The reason the big, bold title is so important is your book cover shows up as a thumbnail on Amazon. Meaning if your title is a small font, readers won’t be able to read it and will pass over your book. Make the font title big to avoid this problem.

2) Two or three color scheme

Too many colors and your book will be less focused, and could make it hard to read the title. Two to three colors will give your book a solid color scheme that works together. Don’t pick any three colors though, they need to coordinate well.

3) Designed by a professional

Would you hire someone who doesn’t know English to write your book? No, you wouldn’t. So don’t make the mistake of trying to design your own book if you don’t understand design principles. Leave it to a specialist by hiring a designer at fiverr.com or 99designs.com to get a professional book cover.

Your book cover will catch people’s eye when they’re scrolling through Amazon by having those three elements in your cover. Other elements, like an image, are optional and depend on your book subject.

It’s always a good idea to check out the book covers that are at the top of the charts to see if you can mimic something from them. If they’re selling, their cover must be part of the reason for the success.

Final Words

The summary is this: Your book cover is critical to your book’s success and often determines whether your message is read or not.

That’s why coming up with the cover design deserves your full attention and nothing less—even if you’re exhausted from writing your book. Put in this extra work and you will have the advantage of a jaw-dropping cover that sells itself to readers.

Come back to read an upcoming blog post that will walk you through exactly how to get your book cover designed. Until then, I wish you continued success on your writing.

Stay the course and keep moving forward!

Please comment below with your favorite book covers.

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