25 Christmas Gift Ideas For Writers


Struggling to think of Christmas gift ideas for writers?

It can be hard if you’re not a writer yourself. You may wonder, besides a computer, what do writers and authors actually use?

But I got your back. Because I write for hours every single day, not joking, and I know exactly what I would want.

So consider me your personal shopper to help you get the perfect gift for the writer you know.

And when you buy one of the gifts below, you get two special benefits going for you more than any boring gift card or cash.

First, you’re going to buy a gift that is super practical and one the writer uses often.

Second, when you give a gift that shows you put some extra time and effort into it, it makes all the difference in the world. You’ll instantly be the cool mom, uncle, or grandmother, because people always appreciate thoughtful acts.

So buy one of these gifts below, and you’ll make the writer in your life feel the Christmas spirit.

Gift Ideas For Writers

1. Writer’s coffee mug

Nothing says writing in the morning like a coffee mug next to a laptop. What’s better, get them a writer’s coffee mug that gets their mind right before they start the day writing. In this case, your gift will be with them when they need it most.

2. Comfy chair cushion

A writer is more at risk for back pain than a professional football player. I’m serious. Sure, they’ve got 300 pound lineman running at them. But we have endless hours with our butt in a chair. The human body isn’t meant to sit that long. This particular chair cushion will relieve pressure points and back pain.

3. Comfy chair

Writing and wanting a comfortable chair go hand in hand. So maybe you decide to go big and buy a chair instead of a cushion. If you do, be sure to get a chair that’s designed to support the back for that writer of yours. You can save them years of back pain and misery.  

4. The Five Minute Journal

I’d recommend The Five Minute Journal to anyone looking to have a happier day, and especially writers. If they’re working on writing more words or completing their first draft of their book, this journal will help them process their day and get in the right mindsets. I’m a big fan of this gift.

5. Heated foot warmer

Unless they’re from the south or west coast, I’m positive a writer would enjoy a heated foot warmer this time of year. When your feet are comfortable and relaxed, you can fully focus on your writing. I live in Cincinnati, OH where I have to deal with blistering winters. So my feet would die for this Christmas gift.

6. Noise cancelling headphones

It’s hard to create words on the screen when a writer has outside words going into their ears. The effective solution is noise cancelling headphones. With these on, a writer can have their kids playing with toys and watching television while they write in silence in the same room.

7. Kindle

Reading digital books isn’t a fad that’s going to go away. It’s only getting more popular and convenient. So I’m sure any writer would appreciate a Kindle and the reach of thousands of books at the click of their finger while at home or traveling.

8. Audible subscription

Getting the writer in your life an Audible Gold membership is a smooth play. They will get two free audiobooks to start and then one free audiobook a month. I love audiobooks because I can listen to them in the car, when I’m working out, or to relax at night.

9. Amazon prime

For a busy writer, quickly receiving new books to research and pour through is a great convenience. That’s why a one-year membership to Amazon Prime is another safe gift that will never disappoint.

10. Books about writing

Most writers are infatuated with words. If the person you’re buying for is a good writer, meaning they at least get paid for it, they probably spend time reading when they’re not writing. So check out my blog post on the best books on writing to see what books to buy for them.

11. Tickets to a writing retreat

Arguably the best and for sure the most expensive gift on this list is a ticket to a writer’s retreat. So I wouldn’t get this for that cousin you only see once a year. But if it’s your spouse or child, then you may consider giving them the gift of a lifetime. Here’s a list of writing retreats that will give you a starting point.

12. Writer’s ornament

Similar to the writer’s coffee mug, a writer’s ornament is a unique gift that aligns beautifully with Christmas decorations. If you’re on a low budget, then an ornament should be near the top of your list.

13. Fancy pens

Not everything has gone digital, you know. Whether it’s printing off a manuscript to edit or taking notes from a call, writer’s still use pens. If you know much about pens, you know there’s a big difference between a quality pen and one that stops working after three days. These Uni-Ball Signo 207 Pens are excellent.

14. Page holder

This page holder is a brilliant little tool to free one hand for your glass of wine. It can get annoying to read a book that requires two hands to go through it. The person you’re buying for won’t have to face that problem anymore if you get this.

15. Slippers

Professional writers can pack it in and work from their home office if they please. That’s why they’re the perfect recipient for a pair of slippers, because they’d get heavy use out of them more than your average guy or girl.

16. Massage

Unless you have short-term memory loss, I’ve made it clear that many writers suffer from back pain. Gifting them a massage will put a halo over your head and warm, fuzzy feelings inside the writer. They’ll love it!

17. Create a poster from their book cover

Imagine the sparkle in that author’s eyes when they see their book cover blown up into the size of a movie poster they can frame in their place. I’m sure your local print shop or national chain would be able to do it. Then just buy a frame from Amazon.

18. Weekly pocket calendar

There’s a reason people who use a planner are more productive than those who don’t—it works! Gift this writer a pocket calendar to schedule out their word count and goals for each week. You’re indirectly giving them success!

19. Espresso maker

Whether they’re writing in a cabin or during their writer’s retreat, a portable espresso machine will come in handy. It doesn’t have to apply to writing either. This is an awesome gift for anyone on a road trip or vacationing.

20. Bookends

It’s an easy bet to assume that most writers have books around their office or room. Except there’s a difference between a messy stack of books laying around, and these stainless steel bookends. Get this gift and they will make any room look sharper.

21. Fingerless gloves

This list already covered gifts for a writer’s feet with the heater and slippers. But what about their hands? These fingerless gloves are a solution for typing when it’s cold inside. And these are also a blessing for the writer who runs errands outside and needs to send an email, type up a text, or make a note on their phone.

22. Bottle of wine

Writing is almost always a lonely activity that requires long hours. But just because we can’t spend as much time out with other people, doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a nice bottle of wine like other people (maybe while we’re writing).

23. Comfort Pants

If you haven’t noticed, writers need their body to be comfortable so their mind can get to work. Jeans or khaki pants just won’t do it, but comfortable pants will. I prefer joggers. But any comfortable pants will work.

24. Standing desk

You can help their posture permanently if you get the writer you know a standing desk. It may take some getting used to, but I personally feel more energized and focused when I’m standing and writing than sitting and writing.

25. Buy and donate their books

An author’s greatest joy is when someone buys their books and gets valuable insight or lessons from it. That encouragement is meaningful and will last in their memory more than any material item. So if you truly can’t think of anything, buy a few books or 10 and get them to sign them. It’d be extra cool if you had a plan to donate the books you bought to schools or a non-profit.

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