3 Steps To Finally Finish Your Book


How do you finally finish writing your book?

Well before I get to that, this week I’m meeting with a lady who asked for my help to finish her book.

We’ve briefly discussed the details, but all I know for sure is that she has writing she wants to finish because she hasn’t yet.

And I know she’s not alone. Countless people are close to finishing but stuck. That doesn’t mention the people who haven’t got starting writing their book. They’re a different story.

But the thing is, only those who finish get the ultimate reward and benefits from becoming an author.

The people who spend months and hundreds of hours to only end up with a half-written book are left with nothing to show for their effort—nothing except disappointment and sadness.

So you have to finish! It’s the best thing for you, and the only reasonable move to make.

To finish writing your book, I’ve broken the process down into three steps. Take action on each one, and you’ll put yourself in position to write that last chapter, paragraph, and word of your book.

Step 1: Get emotionally attached

Here’s what often happens. The aspiring author gets extremely excited in the beginning imagining all the benefits after their book is finished.

They get emotionally attached to how proud they would feel, the extra income, and the credibility and opportunities a book would bring them.

These are all awesome emotions that motivate the aspiring author to get started.

But somehow, along the way, they forget about why they got started in the first place. Maybe being in the weeds of writing the book makes them forget about their end goal.

So to get this motivation back, do Step 1. Go back and think about all of the reasons why you wanted to write a book in the beginning. If it helps, write these down and come back to this list each week (or day).

When you’re emotionally attached to your project, you’re not going to procrastinate and skip writing days because that would be delaying your rewards.

Step 2: Have crystal-clear direction

Another thing that may hold up your progress is not having clear direction about what steps to take next. When your brain doesn’t know where it’s going, it has a hard time staying focused on the task at hand.

For example, you may not know how to get your book edited. And that ambiguity becomes a roadblock in your writing.

Or you may not know how to publish your book, so you get stuck during the editing stage because you know once you finish, you’re presented with a new problem.

Step 2 is to have crystal-clear direction so you never get stuck not knowing what to do next.

All of these guides will help you get crystal-clear direction:

And if you’re interested in working with me, I will be your author coach who gives you crystal-clear direction and accountability each week.

Step 3: Put yourself in the right environment

You can complete Step 1: Get emotionally attached and Step 2: Have crystal-clear direction, but at the end of the day if you’re not in the environment to write it’s not going to work out for you.

If you need peace and quiet, screaming kids are going to block your progress. If you’re easily distracted, writing in front of the television isn’t the brightest idea. If you do your best writing on the weekend but you don’t have time, you need to get creative to make time.

What are some solutions to put yourself in the right environment? It depends on the individual case. Though here are some top moves:

  • Have everything in front of you before you write: all your notes, chargers, coffee, pen and paper
  • Block off 1-2 hour windows for alone time to write each day
  • Block off a 3-4 hour window on Saturday and Sunday for writing
  • Go on a writer’s retreat
  • Visit a less crowded coffee shop if noise bothers you
  • Turn your phone off before you start writing

When you do these three steps—get emotionally attached, have crystal-clear direction, and put yourself in the right environment—you’ll make huge progress. And if you just continue that progress over time, there’s nothing that can stop you from finishing writing your book.

You can do it!

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