Why I Quit My Job After Becoming An Author

I quit my job to be an author

Coming out of college, you think you want the cushy corporate job that pays more money than you know what to do with. If you can relate to me at all, that’s how I felt at least.

Beyond the big salary with the potential to make six- to seven-figures in the future, my job also included these company paid for perks:

  • Trips across the country
  • Expense credit card
  • Cell phone bill
  • Lunches and coffee
  • Gas reimbursement

With this set up, basically everything fell into place exactly as I wanted, and I felt happy.

Plus, a part of me enjoyed telling people my hard work in college paid off as I landed an outside sales job with the number one printing company in the world—a multi-billion dollar company who works with 100% of the Fortune 100 companies and 98% of the Fortune 500 companies.

People understood my accomplishment, and congratulated me on it.

All these things were awesome, until they weren’t once I discovered something else.

I Became An Author

During my senior year of college and before this full-time job, I started the website www.TakeYourSuccess.com. The mission of this site is to pass along my college success secrets and strategies to other students.

I quickly fell in love with the power of the internet to tell stories, provide value to others, and reach people across the world.

As I graduated and began my outside sales job, I continued to develop Take Your Success and that led me to look into self publishing. Although I had no clue or experience in this arena, I decided to learn how to write a book anyway.

Because my TakeYourSuccess.com readers would email me all the time asking for help in their internship or job search, I chose to write an ebook on resume and interview strategies. It made it easier to write this considering just a few months ago I completed a wildly successful job search with multiple offers to pick from.

After writing hours each day before work, during lunch, and late at night for months on end, I published The Golden Resume in September 2015. 

The Golden Resume book

The moment I went from blogger to author took my life for a dramatic turn.

How Becoming An Author Changed Me

The Golden Resume became an Amazon bestseller in its category, brought home a healthy stream of royalty income (and still does, but less than my sales job), and improved my credibility and influence to a significant degree that can’t be calculated.

The book has a 5-star rating after 50+ reviews and is still doing decently well six months later, which is the beauty of passive income.

Accomplishing these results made me excited, but didn’t top what also happened.

I began receiving emails and social media messages from readers of The Golden Resume who took my job hunt strategies into action, and then found success.

For example, look at this email I received from a reader:

email praising The Golden Resume

And this Facebook message made my day:

FB praise for The Golden Resume

My effort to author this book made a game-changing impact in these people’s lives, and this inspired me more than any sale at my 9 to 5 job would.

So because of this experience, my desire to give more value to improve other people’s lives, and my decision to choose freedom, I’m going to trade all the benefits I listed at my previous full-time job to become a full-time author and internet entrepreneur (starting with SelfPublishingX.com).

Am I mad? Maybe, and some people—including my friends and family—will say this is a risky and crazy decision, if they’re being polite. If they are being completely honest, they would tell me this is a stupid decision and I’m going to regret it.

I know they have my best interest at heart and don’t want me to fall on my face, but the big problem with their thinking is they don’t have the same vision as me. So of course they don’t see things the way I see them.

Either way, I’ve already quit my job and dove into the deep water.

Is this a safe bet? No.

Is this going to be easy? Not at all.

Am I more excited and engaged in my craft than ever? Yes!

Why Self Publishing Can Be Your 9 To 5 Escape

The thing about most 9 to 5 jobs is you’re paid a certain amount each pay period, no matter what. Of course you can get a raise, promotion, or earn more money if you’re on a commission pay scale, but for the most part you work 40 hours and are paid for those 40 hours.

How much you make is limited by the ceiling your organization enforces, and if you stop working then you’re going to get fired and lose that income.

The same is not true when you develop passive income streams. For example, I worked tirelessly to write my book, but I haven’t worked on it in six months and it continues to bring me money.

I get paid book royalties when I’m working out, chilling with friends, and even when I’m sleeping. It still blows my mind that I earn money while I sleep.

Also, my income is virtually unlimited assuming I work hard and work smart.

And forget only making money from 9 to 5 during the week, because with the power of the internet my book is open for sale 24 hours a day and 365 days a week. I’ve had people buy my book from Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, India, and other countries.

Now my question is: Can you write a book and create a passive income stream for yourself?

I’m going to say yes. I believe everyone has a book in them that could change their life.

Gone are the days when you need a book deal with a major publisher to become an author. It’s never been easier to self publish a book than right now.

So what’s holding you back? Take the plunge to learn how to self publish a book and see how it changes your life.

Do you think I’m nuts for throwing away my solid job to do something where I will make less money in the short-term? What’s holding you back from writing a book? If you’re already an author, what did you struggle with early on?

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