100 Book Promotion Sites To Advertise Your Ebook (Free + Paid)

list sites promote free amazon books

From what I’ve seen, this is the largest book promotion list across the entire internet!

And this is important because when it comes to giving your book the most exposure possible, one rather successful strategy is to send your book link to as many book promotion sites as possible.

The goal is that, since these sites have thousands of visitors and email subscribers who are on the lookout for a book that catches their attention, people will read your book and then leave an Amazon book review.

Besides the quick effort of typing in your book information and providing a sales link, you do no other promotion and you get the book orders, reviews, and sometimes email subscribers to show for it. The website does all the promotion for you.

It’s not the flashiest method of book promotion and doesn’t compare to getting your book promoted on Oprah’s Book Club. But this method has big upside because it can be extremely effective.

There are two types of promotion: free and paid. Let’s start with the free promotion book sites.

How To Make Your Book Free on KDP Select

Before we check out the list I compiled, you need to know how to make your book free on Amazon.

Assuming you wrote a book and self published it, here’s what you do.

1) Go to the webpage of your Kindle Direct Publishing Bookshelf: https://kdp.amazon.com/bookshelf.

2) On the right of your book title and “Promote and advertise,” scroll over the ellipses button (“…”) and click on “KDP Select Info.”

3) Under the heading “Run a Price Promotion,” select “Free Book Promotion” and then click on “Create a new Kindle Countdown Deal.”

4) Choose your desired start date and end date and click “Save.”

Back on your Bookshelf page, the “Promote and advertise” button will give you access to edit the promotion, end it early, or delete it.

Keep in mind that you need to make sure your book is free before you submit it to these free book promotion sites below.

Websites For Free Book Promotion

With nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time and so much to gain in free advertisement, I believe trying this is a no brainer.

You now know why to do this and how to make your book free on KDP, so here is list of sites marking where to promote your book.

1. http://www.indieauthornews.com/p/promote-my-book.html – Simply fill out the information form and you’re good to go on this site.

2. http://awesomegang.com/submit-your-book/ – You can use the free option or use the $10 promotion option. Helpful tip: write as much quality content as you can in the book description.

3. http://www.freebooks.com/submit/ – All you need to do is enter some Amazon information and then you’re set.

4. http://pretty-hot.com/submit-your-book/ – Service is completely free, unless you want to pay $25 to lock in a featured spot on their homepage for a week straight.

5. http://discountbookman.com/book-promotion/ – Another helpful resource to get free advertisement for your book. They ask for more information than the rest, so take your time for accuracy.

6. http://www.bookpinning.com/?sws=home/submit-book – Your welcome to submit your book here if you haven’t done it in the past 30 days.

7. http://ereadernewstoday.com/requirements/ – Not every submitted book is guaranteed to get posted on this site, but it’s certainly worth a shot.

8. http://www.icravefreebies.com/contact/ – No form to enter your book’s information here, so you need to go old school and email them your free book’s info.

9. http://indiebookoftheday.com/authors/free-on-kindle-listing/ – If your book is free, submitted on time, contains no bad reviews (or zero reviews), submitted accurately, and contains no questionable content, then you’ll get posted on Indie Book of the Day.

10. http://bookangel.co.uk/submit-a-book/ – Your book must be on sale on Amazon.co.uk and be PG-13 to get accepted on this site. If that’s not an issue, go for it!

11. http://digitalbooktoday.com/12-top-100-submit-your-free-book-to-be-included-on-this-list/ – Minimum guidelines require fiction books to have 18+ Amazon reviews, 4.0+ stars, and 100+ pages; Non-fiction books with less than 100 pages to have 60+ reviews, 4.2 stars; and Non-fiction books with 100+ pages to have 40+ reviews and 4.0+ stars. If your book meets the submission guidelines, it’ll be listed for four days.

12. https://www.freebooksy.com/editorial-submissions/ – This would be a huge win for you if your book got accepted iconsidering this audience is over 230,000 people!

13. https://ohfb.com/book-sale-notice/ – No guarantee your book gets selected, but it can only help to submit it here.

14. https://storyfinds.com/subscribe – Have to climb through the hoop to subscribe before given access to other options.

15. http://marketlist.com/ads/package – Sign up for an account, post an introduction, and you’ll have access to the ads for free.

16. http://www.pennypinchinmom.com/contact-me/ – This contact page isn’t specialized for books, but you can offer to do a giveaway through PennyPinchinMom.

17. http://ebookshabit.com/for-authors/ – No erotica or graphic sex novels allowed, book must have 5+ reviews, and you’re free to submit but no guaranteed acceptance.

18. http://igniteyourbook.com/free-ebook-submission/ – The maximum promotion time is 14 days and you have to sign up for their newsletter to submit.

19. http://www.armadilloebooks.com/submit-free-ebooks/ – Easy peasy, simple submisison on this website.

20. http://theereadercafe.com/promote-your-books/ – The eReader Cafe requires submission three days before your book is listed free, no erotica novels or books under 100 pages, and at least 3 book reviews with an average rating over 4 stars.

21. http://ebooklister.net/page.php?p=2 – They don’t accept erotica novels and books with a rating of 3.49 or lower.

22. http://lovelybookpromotions.com/submit-your-kindle-freebie/ – Author must “Like” their Facebook page to be considered and submit book five days prior to it being a freebie.

23. http://free-stuff-unlimited.com/contact-us-2/ – Another site that’s not designed for books, but your book is a free item and it can be promoted through this contact form.

24. http://bookdealhunter.com/submit-free-book/ – It’s free, but for consideration you must subscribe to their newsletter or you flat out won’t be accepted.

25. http://www.freebookclub.org/kindle-books/book-submissions/ – Another form that plays nice and has the only rule of no books involving sexual explicit material.

26. http://freediscountedbooks.com/submit/ – Give them at least 3 business days in advance and you can submit your book with no problems.

27. http://www.kornerkonnection.com/index.html – You have to “Like” and “Share” a Focus Post on Facebook before you can submit your book for promotion.

28. http://www.iloveebooks.com/for-authors.html – Free to submit with no other requirements.

29. http://dealseekingmom.com/about/contact/ – Site isn’t specific for ebooks, so consider your freebie book a giveaway here.

30. http://jungledealsandsteals.com/submit-your-kindle-freebie/ – This site doesn’t take ebooks that contain graphic violence, sexual content, paranormal activity, or excessive profanity. Up in the air if your book will be in their daily roundup.

31. http://www.frugal-freebies.com/p/submit-freebie.html – Books will remain on the page up to four days if accepted, site bosts 3.5 million+ views.

32. http://authormarketingclub.com/members/submit-your-book/ – Become a premium member to unlock more book promotion tools for “serious authors.”

33. http://www.freeebooksblog.com/contact/ – I’d try submitting your book information through the contact form to see what happens.

34. http://www.indiesunlimited.com/submissions/ – Completely free to post your book information on the most recent ebook guest post called Thrifty Thursdays. Erotica, religious, or political books aren’t allowed.

35. http://bookpraiser.com/submit-book/ – Free but you need to create an account.

36. http://readingdeals.com/submit-ebook – If you get accepted by the free submission, your book goes out to 35,000 readers.

37. http://snickslist.com/books/place-ad/ – Allowed to list your book as long as you’re a member, your book is free, and it doesn’t have an erotic or erotica book cover.

38. https://www.reddit.com/r/freeEBOOKS – You must have an account before you can submit your free book’s link.

39. http://www.pixelofink.com/sfkb/ – Acceptance is not guaranteed and you must sign up for their email list.

40. http://contentmo.com/submit-your-free-ebook-promo – Subscribe to their mailing list (can unsubscribe after your promo) and then you can appear on their blog and social media posts.

41. http://www.humanmade.net/submission-form – No strings attached besides submitting the website form.

42. http://ebooksforfreeinc.com/authors-signup-form/ – Not a for sure thing, but if your book isn’t erotica, is at least 100 pages in legth, and you post 7 days before your book goes free or for $0.99, you increase your chances.

43. http://www.iauthor.uk.com/why-iauthor – Have to join the iAuthor global community before you can get started promoting.

44. http://www.bookdaily.com/authorsignup – Forced to sign up for an account and upload a profile pic before you can attempt to promote your book.

45. http://www.totallyfreestuff.com/submit.asp – Just sign in and then you’ll have the capability to submit an offer.

46. http://mybookbuzzing.com/how-to – Once you sign up for a username, you can add your book to this site and see what comes of it.

47. http://ereadergirl.com/submit-your-ebook/ – This site only accepts non-fiction, children’s ebooks, and Christian fiction books. You must post your book a week before it’s set to be free. Not every submission is guaranteed.

48. http://ereaderutopia.com/ – Create an account and then you’re welcome to talk about your book as much as you want.

49. http://www.worldliterarycafe.com/forum/171 – You’re only allowed to post a thread about your book if it’s free.

50. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1gNUTB-s2sCB7ajsdEj9uSoH2i4Zoeya0aecJ0dbnkNU/viewform?formkey=dFEyLTFUSHREd05KaVItaDdUUkVVNGc6MA#gid=0 – This submission posts your book to a Facebook group and not a site.

51. http://newfreekindlebooks.com/authors/ – Must subscribe to the site to submit, but it’s free.

52. http://bookbongo.com/submit/ – Free promotion on Facebook, Twitter, and their site if you get accepted—no guarantee.

53. http://zwoodlebooks.com/authors-and-publishers/ – Don’t accept books on religion, politics, or a spammy title. No sexual book covers will be approved either.

54. http://www.mobileread.com/forums/ – Join the free online community to mention your free book in the forum and see if it draws people to download it.

55. http://www.free-kindle-books-4u.com/promote-your-book/ – Need to become a member first and no guarantee. Or become a member and donate to guarantee your spot.

Sites For Paid Book Promotion

The free book promotion sites offer the advantage of being free, but they can decide to not promote your book or accept it but it sits in the dark pages of their site.

To get maximum exposure and if you have the money, a better idea is to do paid book promotion with more trusted websites and their newsletters.

Depending on the service, you can get your book on the front page of their website, in their newsletter, linked to through their social media profiles, and more advertisements. Like everything in life, you get what you pay for and this holds true in book promotion.

If you’re skeptical, some websites offer a money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the results after the promotion. Just be sure you know exactly what’s being offered and if there’s a money back guarantee or not before purchasing.

Here’s the paid book promotion list.

56.  http://www.bookgorilla.com/advertise – The majority of promotions on BookGorilla will run you $40 to $50, could be more if your book costs more than $0.99.

57. http://www.tweetyourbooks.com/ – Want your book to get Tweeted to over 1 million people? You just have to decide if you want the daily or monthly package and prices range from $59 to $249.

58. https://www.fiverr.com/ – Send someone the link to this article and pay them $5 to submit your book to the free lists above.

59. http://www.ebooksoda.com/authors/genres/ – For this list, standard listing is $15, the Facebook and Twitter option will cost you $6.

60. https://kdp.amazon.com/help?topicId=A2DJUTY13KIH2C – Run a cost-per-click ad of your book on Amazon for a minimum of $100.

61. http://awesomebookpromotion.com/book-promotion-websites/ – Charge your credit card $65 to advertise your book on the front page of Awesomegang.com, Pretty-hot.com, BookReaderMagazine.com, and DiscountBookMan.com. Not only the front page feature, you also get emails with your book sent to their newsletters and social media sites.

62. http://www.bookslut.com/advertise/rates.php – Advertisements range from $125 to $650 depending on how much coverage you want.

63. http://bookgoodies.com/advertising/get-featured/ – Options available to get your book featured for 1 week ($45) to 12 weeks ($299), and in between.

64. http://bookgoodies.com/submit-your-free-kindle-days/highlight-your-free-kindle-days/ – Same website as above, except this is only for free kindle books. Price depends on how many days you want your book listed. Free Kindle Books featured costs anywhere from $10 for 1 day to $40 for 7 days.

65. http://manybooks.net/promote – You’re golden if you pay $25, book has 10+ reviews, and an average rating of 4 stars or more.

66. https://ohfb.com/advertise/ – Choose between the silver package for $75 and the golden package for $100 to get started advertising with OHFB.

67. http://www.kindlemojo.com/info.php – Become a featured author on their site for $25, and upgrade to $75 for a VIP account. Also, there’s a Twitter blitz option and it will cost you $45. I like them having a payment option of bitcoin.

68. https://bookdealsdaily.wordpress.com/authors/marketing-services/ – Check out this gamit of afforadable options from email, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

69. http://readingdeals.com/submit-ebook – Already mentioned as a free option, there’s also a paid option that gives you a guaranteed book submission for just $15.

70. http://askdavid.com/book-promotion – Become a member for $15 to get a paid advertisement on this book promotion site.

71. https://www.thekindlebookreview.net/advertise-books-2/ – Marketing options include Twitter, daily blog posts, and ads across the website. Prices vary depending on your preference.

72. http://hotzippy.net/feature-your-book.html – $23 to do a sale promotion, $24 for a standard promotion, and $337 to do a 30-day campaign.

73. http://itswritenow.com/submit-your-book/ – Get featured on the front page of their site for up to 3 consecutive days for $10.

74. http://ebookimpresario.com/advertise – Costs $5 to promote a free book and $20 to promote a bargain book. Before paying, be sure your book is priced at $3.99 or less, has at least 10 reviews, and has an average 4.0 review or higher.

75. https://www.bookbrowse.com/information/index.cfm?fuseaction=advertisers – Agree to a minimum of 150,000 ad views and pay $2.30-$7.50 for 1,000 ad views.

76. https://internationalbookpromotion.com/our-services/social-media-marketing/ – Receive a minimum of 90 posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for $30 a month.

77. http://www.goodkindles.net/p/submit-your-book.html – Buy a permanent listing on Goodkindles, a feature in their newsletter and social profiles, and a homepage feature if you get the Gold Package for $19.95—lower deals go for $14.95 and $9.95.

78. http://form.jotformpro.com/form/21078469493969 – Pay $10 for a guaranteed posting or $20 for this same posting and maximum exposure.

79. http://www.ereaderiq.com/contact/ – Assuming your book passes the minimum requirements, find your book’s genre and sale price to get the cost of promoting with eReaderIQ.

80. http://kindlebookpromos.luckycinda.com/?page_id=283 – Have to pay to play here, but the prices are cheaper than most on this list.

81. http://www.freebookshub.com/authors/ – Three packages for $10, $15, and $20. Packages get you Tweets, emails, Facebook features, and website columns depending on what you order.

82. http://ebookdailydeals.com/contact.cfm – Required to buy a $2.99 book to submit your book and possibly get access to 75,000 Twitter followers.

83. http://www.thefussylibrarian.com/for-authors/ – Guaranteed book acceptance if you pay and your book meets the requirements. What’s cool about this site is it shows you the number of subscribers and cost depending on your book’s category.

84. http://lendle.me/authors/ – Many options that are around $35 and higher.

85. http://fkbt.com/for-authors/ – Pay $25 and your book will be listed.

86. http://ebookdealofday.com/free-book-feature/ – List your book for free and then pay $5 each to get featured in the Kindle, Nook, or iBook fanpages.

87. http://freeebooksdaily.com/submit-your-book/ – Do a single day promotion to 20,000 Twitter followers and over 4,700 Facebook fans for only $3 per day.

88. http://www.xtme.de/submitting-a-free-e-book-to-xtmeenglishbooks/ – Pay $9 to $30 to play ball with this site’s audience.

89. http://indie.kindlenationdaily.com/?page_id=642 – Huge prices from $99 to $229 for apparently huge results at this site.

90. http://www.booksbutterfly.com/bookpromotion/freebookpromotion/ – Seems to be a very legitmate website based on the author testimonials. The costs are steep but you can get a prorated refund if your book doesn’t do as well as planned.

91. https://www.bookbub.com/partners/pricing – Shelling out anywhere from $50 to $1,950 to promote your book depending on the genre and price! Free books go from $50 to $390.

92. http://www.dailyfreebooks.com/promote-your-kindle-book.html – Dish out $7.50 once a year to get your free book highlighted each time it’s free, or $7.50 once a week to get ads at the top of every page.

93. http://digitalbooktoday.com/join-our-team/ – Check out the 11 different paid plans to market your book. This site has experience with email marketing to their subscribers dating back to 2009.

94. http://flurriesofwords.blogspot.co.uk/p/blog-page.html – This site is unique in that it offers promotion for printbooks and audibooks along with ebooks. The prices are based on what option you select and each comes with a free interview if requested.

95. http://indieauthoranonymous.com/advertise/ – For $15, this person will buy your book, write a blog post about it, promote it on Facebook and Twitter, and post your book on his website’s sidebar for two weeks.

96. http://www.freekindlegiveaway.com/sponsors/ – There are three different tiers (gold, silver, bronze) and prices start at $10 and go up from there.

97. http://robinreads.com/author-signup/ – Pay $40 to expand your audience with Robin Reads audience of 100,000+ people.

98. http://thekindleromancereview.blogspot.co.uk/p/advertise-with-us.html – Monthly sponsorship ($25), monthly banner ($199), twitter blasts ($25), and hot new releases plans ($25) are available on this site. I assume only romance books are allowed, but website doesn’t specify.

99. http://www.kufads.com/promo_types/show/ – The page shows prices in £GBP but it can be paid in $USD.

100. http://ilikeebooks.com/submit/ – Make a one time purchase through PayPal for a guaranteed submission on this site. Other upgrades include social media, page features, and more. Prices go from 99 cents to $9.99.

So you know, at the time of this post (June 2016), all these sites are up and running. But I can’t predict the future, and sometimes sites will disappear or go out of business. I’ll do my best to keep this post as accurate as possible in the future.

What do you think of these book marketing strategies? How likely are you to do the paid promotions? Did I miss any helpful book promotion sites (free or paid)?


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