6 Reasons It’s Never Been Easier To Be An Author


Traditional publishing used to hold all the power. The publishing houses and literary agents decided who got published and who didn’t.

All but a few authors didn’t get published. The authors who did get picked would have to wait years to see their book go live. And during the process, they didn’t have any power or control in the major decisions.

Nowadays, all you need is the desire and discipline to write a book and you can become published. Plus, no longer do you have to wait years to finally publish it. The self publishing process is extremely efficient, so you can publish in a few months.

On the flip side, if you want to be an author but don’t do it, then you can only blame yourself because there are no longer any barriers in your way to getting published.

To avoid any confusion, I’m not saying the steps below are all easy—though many of them are. I’m saying the steps below in the book writing and publishing process are easier than ever before.

Don’t believe me? You will.

1) Easier to control the process

The advent of self publishing gives total control to the author. The authors decide the book title, cover, release date, and whatever else their heart desires. Also, no profits have to be split, making the author richer (which is why famous authors are self publishing these days).

Previously, you needed to pitch your book to an agent and hope it got passed on to a publisher who accepted you. Then, if your prayer got answered, the publisher made all the big decisions without the input of the author. And good luck publishing that book in a reasonable time. You’re looking at a 12 to 24 month publishing process instead of two to three months.

2) Easier to hire help

Previously, an author who didn’t know how to design a cover and format their book had no choice but to go through traditional publishing. Now it’s not a problem, all the author needs to do is focus on the writing stage. Then they can pay other people who are experts at what they do for a reasonable cost.

Service websites like Fiverr.com and Upwork.com help you accomplish each step of the publishing process. Use these sites to find an editor, graphic designer, and formatter from all across the world. Isn’t the Internet great?

3) Easier to build an audience

No one is stopping you from building a huge audience of loyal fans that can’t wait to buy your book. Build a huge following through a blog, YouTube, or social media, and your books will fly off the virtual shelves. While it takes hard work to build a big audience, it becomes easy if you consistently care about and give value to your audience over time.

Only about 15 years ago, you didn’t have the opportunity to build a huge following unless you were famous, on television, or a newspaper or radio contributor. Isn’t that incredible?

4) Easier to publish a paperback book

CreateSpace, a company owned by Amazon, gives authors a step-by-step guide to getting their book in print. All you need to do is choose a book size, cover type (glossy or matte), paper color (white or yellow), page color (color or black and white), upload a properly formatted PDF, upload the book cover, and you’re good to go! It’s extremely easy!

And CreateSpace is print on-demand. There’s no risk or fee for you to get your book into print if it doesn’t sell well, only the upside of selling tons of paperback books. You can’t imagine how satisfying you’ll feel when you hold your own book in print—it’s a magical feeling.

5) Easier to create an audiobook

Amazon’s Audiobook Creating Exchange (ACX) is a blessing to self published authors. This program gives authors two excellent options to turn their writing into a cool audiobook.

Option 1 is to record the audiobook yourself and then submit it through ACX. The clarity and organization of how to do this is super clear on their website. Each recording needs to be broken up by chapter, and follow the other instructions. This route requires more time and money (for studio time or equipment), but the author gets 100% of profits.

Option 2 is to hold auditions for professional narrators to narrate your book. And then you decide who has the best voice and reading style. ACX has thousands of narrators who are looking for work, so you’ll have plenty to choose from to find the right one. The downside is the author and narrator split the revenue 50/50, but the author doesn’t need to spend any time or money to narrate the book.

The point is, it’s never been easier to create an audiobook.

6) Easier to build off your book

Lastly, your content can become a whole lot more impactful and profitable than just a book. You can use the content and repurpose it into an online course, coaching service, consulting work, or speaking career. The opportunities are endless when you have the credibility of an author.

Back in the day, you had to go through years of schooling and have a PhD to coach people and be taken serious. And good luck finding clients without the Internet.

Now, if you can provide value to people, almost every business door is open to you. A book serves as the building block of your five-, six-, or (maybe) seven-figure business.

You have all of these benefits going your way if you decide to become an author, so why not write a book?

Get started by following this blog post: How To Write A Book.

What’s holding you back from writing a book?

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