Pick Two Social Media Platforms And Go Deep


Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Reddit, Vine, Snapchat, Quora, Periscope, Digg, StumbleUpon, and more than a hundred other social media platforms ask for your attention when book marketing.

I’m exhausted just imagining doing all of those. Yet the thought of putting serious energy into each one of these would be the death of me, especially if you add on blogging or podcasting.

Authors routinely go a mile wide instead of a mile deep on social media. With limited time, they’re left putting marginal effort into each social media profile and only getting marginal returns.

That usually looks like 53 Facebook likes, 107 Twitter followers, and 38 Instagram followers. You get the point, that’s not a big audience going back to your author blog or book sales page.

Most authors don’t have a strategy behind their social media marketing, so they decide to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.

That solution may work in other scenarios, but not so much in marketing.

Instead, authors would be better off focusing on two social media platforms and getting really engaged there to build a following. Here’s why.

Pick Two Social Media Platforms And Go Deep

In my personal (or expert) opinion, you have to limit yourself to focusing on two social media platforms before adding a third, fourth, fifth, etc.

The reasons why go as follows.

First, focusing on two accounts gives you a clear mission to get started. Your brain can get out of decision-making mode and start executing on these two social media platforms. That’s a big help since showing up is often the most difficult step for people.

Second, with only two accounts to manage, you’re able to get super deep in engaging your followers and building your brand with new content.  

For example, say you only have two social media profiles and Instagram is one of them. This allows you to post at least three times a week, probably. This healthy posting will keep your audience’s attention and help you gain more followers.

Of course, if you had seven social media profiles to keep up with, you might post once every three weeks on Instagram. In this situation, your Instagram growth would be minimal.

You’re also free to respond to comments and start conversations with influencers through social media when you’re not distracted with tons of accounts. That’s where an opportunity to get massive exposure through a guest post or working together could spring up. 

These opportunities are only available if you limit yourself to a couple of accounts.

And what two platforms do you pick? That’s up to you. I’d focus on picking two of the big boys: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, or Twitter.

Final Words

Picking two social media platforms to focus on also opens up more time for writing. Instead of being foreign to Pinterest, for example, and trying to learn it on top of other marketing channels, you can spend that extra time writing.

Then you’ll pump out more content for your author blog or book draft without the frustration that comes with spinning your wheels in the mud on another social media platform.

Only after you find success—maybe that looks like 5,000 Twitter followers or 1,000 likes for your Facebook fan page—should you spend significant time implementing another social media platform.

And when you do add another profile, tell the followers you’ve gained on the first two platforms about it. If they are a fan of you, they will happily follow you on the new platform, too.

Sound like a marketing plan? Good. Now get after it!

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