Welcome to the Self Publishing X Resources section, a list of the tools and websites I strongly recommend for publishing your book, building an audience, and maximizing book sales.

The truth is you can put your head down to work hard and get limited results, or you can work smart to utilize these resources that will save you time and get you to the top of the Amazon charts. Every resource on this page is designed to help you, an aspiring author or published author, become a bestselling author.

Before diving into this resources page, please understand that some links on this page are affiliate links, and at no extra cost to you, I will earn a commission if you purchase one of the products below. I have personally chosen all of these products because I’m confident they deliver value to you and I trust them.


To be a successful author, it’s crucial you have a website because it will serve as a platform for your book launch, book marketing, digital presence, and audience engagement. Without a website, you’re at a big disadvantage in all of these areas.

bluehost logoBluehost

Why do I host all of my websites on Bluehost? Because they make it super simple to create a new site and set up a WordPress Blog installation in one click. Bluehost is incredibly user friendly and they also provide excellent customer service by phone or instant message chat on their website. If you’re looking to set up your first website, I highly recommend using Bluehost. You can sign up to start your website today for only $2.95 a month through my special link. If you have any questions setting this up, send an email to brian [at] selfpublishingx.com and I’d be happy to help you.


Your email list is hands down your most important marketing tool as an author. Subscribers are people saying they want what you’re giving, so what do you think happens when you build a big list and then send an email with a link to your book? Hello book sales!

convertkit logoConvertKit

Do you want to quickly turn your viewers into email subscribers (and then book buyers)? Use ConvertKit’s incredibly easy tools to build your email list and sell more books. They offer high-quality landing pages, attractive opt-in forms for the side or bottom of a blog post, and automatic email management that makes your job 100% easier. You can even automate your book marketing through scheduled emails to increase conversions. Try ConvertKit with this link.

getresponse logoGetResponse

This email service from GetResponse makes for the most beautiful and professional looking newsletters. That’s not it, GetResponse offers quality A/B testing, autoresponder service, webinar capability, and opt-in forms. To get the most out of your newsletter effort, you can’t go wrong with using GetResponse today.


Everyone judges a book by its cover. It’s as simple as that. You can write the best book of all-time, but if your cover sucks then not many people will order the book and look past the cover. Since covers can make or break your book, I never do it on my own and I only trust an expert to design my book covers.

99 designs logo99designs

You can definitely find cheaper options, but remember that you get what you pay for. So although 99designs is more expensive, it’s the real deal when you’re looking for a quality cover. Depending on your budget, 99designs could be the perfect avenue for you to find a knockout cover that makes everyone want to buy your book.


If you don’t have a high budget and want to get a book cover designed as cheap as possible, then I recommend Fiverr. You can hire someone for as low as $5 to create a book cover for you, just be sure to check their rating and reviews before hiring. I used Fiverr for the cover of my book The Golden Resume and I love how the finished product turned out.