How To Sell More Books At Christmas


Christmas is the perfect season to sell more books.

People are opening up their wallets left and right buying for their family, friends, coworkers, and that Secret Santa party with the neighbors.

So, as an author entrepreneur, your eyes have to light up at the opportunity to get your books in the hands of more customers.

Use these six ideas to get your books under more people’s Christmas trees.

Ideas To Sell Books At Christmas

1. Offer your time. Your email subscribers will absolutely love the opportunity to get your book and your time through a phone call. If you write self help books, you can specifically help them with their situation—that’s the Christmas spirit. Or you can just have a general talk about your book. Because how many times have you read a book and wanted to have a conversation with the author? Now your potential customers can with you.

2. Sign books. This is a small but special touch to your book that can make all the difference to a reader. If your reader is willing to buy your book and ship it to you, and wait for you to sign it and ship it back, that’s when you know you have a true fan.

3. Promote a buy one get one free. With two or more books to your name, you can go to your email list or social media and promote an offer to give those who buy one of your books another ebook for free. (Of course, you only have this option if you’re an author of multiple books.)

4. Bundle your books for a lower price. Offer your readers a special bundle price and get your customers to email you their Amazon receipt so you can reimburse them for the right amount. (You also need to have multiple books to your name for this one.)

5. Connect with an influencer. Reach out to someone with a large email list in a similar space and ask them to advertise your book to their email list (what’s in it for them is the affiliate link). Accomplish this feat and you’ll get your book bought by new customers that most likely haven’t heard of your book or you.

6. Do creative social media posts with your book. Publish a picture of your book in a stocking. Have your dog in a Santa outfit with your book next to it. (Those aren’t even that creative. I’m sure you can do better!) Tie your book into something holiday-related and you can build positive brand awareness for your book. That means more sales!

Final Words

So go out there and make moves to get people to buy your book as a Christmas present for someone or themselves.

Besides putting money in your pocket, this is also good practice to gain confidence to ask people to buy your books. I routinely say, if you can’t promote your work, then how do you expect people to buy it?

So get creative. Have fun with it. And take advantage of the Christmas season to put together some successful book marketing campaigns!

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