Instagram Is A Work Horse For Book Sales

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When trying to promote a book on social media, the two big platforms are Facebook and Twitter, right?

Facebook is great because all your family and friends are on the platform. They’re ready to give your status a ‘Like’ and share your book to their friends. Also, there are countless Facebook groups designed to promote authors, where you can submit a post and hopefully get some buyers.

And Twitter is so convenient because you can send multiple Tweets that link to your book page where interested users can buy it. Plus, you can communicate with your audience and develop relationships on this platform. Relationships often transfer to more book sales in the present and future.

So Facebook and Twitter are useful avenues for book marketing.

But Instagram? You might say Instagram is all about pictures. You may think promoting your book on there is a waste of time.

Instagram captions don’t automatically link, so the user needs to manually copy and paste a link to their browser—which usually is too much to ask of them. And pictures of your book cover aren’t the most appealing sales pitch when people are scrolling through their feed.

However, Instagram can do wonders for your book sales if you do one little trick.

Let’s uncover the trick and see how Instagram does so well for me.

Use Your Instagram Bio Link To Drive Book Sales

You see that screenshot of my Instagram profile above? Scroll up again and see what you notice.

I don’t notice my picture, the bio description, my number of posts, how many followers I have, or how many people I follow.

I do notice the link to my Amazon book page where people can buy my two books.

Why’s that? It’s because through this little link, Instagram continues to convert book sales for me at a high rate!

For example, I get messages and emails all the time from people who say they found me through Instagram and bought my book from the link in my bio. Then I check my book sales and they weren’t lying about buying my book.

At first this news surprised me. I added the link here without a second thought that it would actually do much.

But now that I think about it more, I shouldn’t be that surprised because the first thing most people do on Instagram when they see a username is click on it and check out their bio.

If the bio and profile is enticing, then some of these people will go a step farther to click on the link and check out my books.

And then a fraction of these people will take another step and buy my book. This sales funnel is that easy, and completely hands off (once you’ve added the link to buy your books).

So through comments, hashtags, or some other way, when people see my profile the first thing they do is check out the bio and that’s how they enter my Instagram sales funnel.

Final Words

I’m sure it helps that I have more than 35,000 followers (the picture above listing 33.8k followers isn’t the most recent).

But even if you don’t have a large Instagram following, this sales funnel still works. And since Instagram has about 300 million monthly active users, there is plenty of opportunity to grow your account and get noticed.

From this example, you see that social media can have a dramatic effect on book sales. So I’m going to write future posts on how to utilize social media for authors and specifically how to grow your Instagram account.

Look out for these posts in the near future.

But for now, if you’re a published author, put a link in your Instagram bio where people can buy your books and watch your book sales increase.

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What questions do you have related to book marketing? Do you have an Instagram account? Is it optimized for book sales?

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