Why Author Coaching Makes Sense


Why invest in author coaching? Well before we get to that, let’s answer these questions.

Why hire a physical trainer?

Because you want extra motivation, guidance, and accountability to gain muscle and lose weight. There are countless stories of how a physical trainer got someone to lose 50 pounds in three months.

Why do high school students hire test prep coaches?

They want to get the highest ACT or SAT score so they can get into their top colleges and receive scholarships. Some say that each ACT point is worth $1,000, so the coaches get the most for their clients scores and wallets.

Why do top executives hire consultants?

To open their mind to new ideas and strategies to have a more efficient and profitable business. Consultants can open up millions of unseen profits for a corporation and are often worth every penny and then some.

The list could go on and on if I wanted to exhaust it.

So finally back to our initial question: Why would you get a coach to help you write and market your book?

For the same reason, better results than you could achieve on your own!

The Power Of Author Coaching

Idea Stage

Many people want to write a book about their life story or a biography of someone they knew. Unfortunately, unless you’re famous, you won’t have an audience for that since most people won’t care to read it. And why write a book that’s not worth reading?

So the first immediate benefit of having an author coach, is you’ll know what’s a good book idea from a bad one (before you’re a month into writing, or publish, a book that no one but your family would read).

Coming up with the right idea is a science that a coach will walk you through. And good book ideas are more profitable than bad ones, so that’s going to put more money in your pocket down the road as well.

Writing Stage

Your book’s purpose, organization, content, and flow all need to be well done before you write a book that is simply not any good.

Because a well-written book will bring in a ton of sales from people who tell their friends and family about your book, plus followers who purchase your next project.

And a coach can not only provide guidance to make your book into the best version possible, but more importantly a coach brings daily accountable to make sure you hit your writing goals. Accountability is what separates many books from never written to finished.

With a coach, you’re going to be more inspired, focused, and committed to writing a great book that you’re forever proud of, compared to wondering, “What if I didn’t quit and actually wrote that book I wanted to?”

Marketing Stage

Right now, can you comfortably say that you have the knowledge of how to market your book to make money? Forget about bestseller status for now. Do you know how to market a book? Do you know how to market anything?

An author coach like me has already spent years marketing and knows exactly the tactics that work and don’t work when it comes to spreading the word about your book.

Marketing the right way gets you countless book sales, book reviews, and open doors down the road. Marketing the wrong way makes you regret even writing your book in the first place.

So which is it that you want? A coach who lays the proven framework to market your book, or you fumbling and stumbling on your own?

Publishing Stage

I’m convinced that self publishing is the best route for your book whether you’re new to this or a famous author.

It’s simple, self publishing guarantees you keep your vision for your book, receive more book sales profits, decide the book cover design, and publish sooner. If you try to sign with a big publisher, most of those benefits immediately go away.

But if you don’t know how to hire an editor or publish a book on your own to get it on Amazon, odds are you’re going to waste a ton of frustration and time looking for answers.

Of course, all of these problems are avoided when you work with a coach who has been there before and knows the exact process to publish your book.

With a coach, you’ll get your book properly formatted, designed, and uploaded before your launch date. That relief also gives you more time to focus on marketing the book—the most important aspect after writing a quality book.

Lessons Beyond A Book

And while the main focus of coaching is to get you to write a killer book, think about everything you’ll learn that you can take with you in your next book, work, or business.

You’ll get key insight in what it takes to be consistent, work smart, unlock your creative brain, be a professional writer, and stay focused from start to finish.

While publishing your book is great and something to be celebrated, what I found more empowering was the process leading up to launch date.

Because that process is a daily test where you’re forced to build character, skills, and confidence, which you can take with you the rest of your life.

Meaning it takes guts and resolve to write a book. Once you know you can do that (with the help of a coach), you’re empowered to take on bigger challenges.

Accomplish More With Help

Odds are you’re not the one reading this if you’ve already written a book.

That means I’m talking to the people who are not authors—specifically I’m talking to you.

If you’ve ever thought about crossing “become an author” off your bucket list, the time is now. There’s no better time to get started than today.

And I’m positive you’ll write your book quicker and better if you work with me.

Let me be the one to hold you accountable on getting your writing done. Let me give you specific strategies to save you time. And allow me to give you my best book marketing strategies to get your message out to the most people possible.

You’re time is going to be better spent, your book is going to be better, and you’re going to sell more books when you work with me.

And as a three time Amazon bestselling author, I know I’m the one who can help you write an unbelievable book. That’s a guarantee.

If you’re tired of not making progress and pushing the thought of writing a book off for tomorrow, learn more about hiring me as your author coach.

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