Why Whining Never Helps You Achieve


Whining has never helped any adult achieve anything, so why do people continue to do it?

That’s what I’m legitimately confused about. Whining doesn’t work when there’s real consequences on the line and it’s up to you to perform.

Perseverance and getting to work are the only solution.

So why do adults still whine? Maybe because they learned this bad habit as a kid, where it makes more sense to whine because sometimes your parents give in and it works.

Though in this case, you’re not really achieving any meaningful outcome. At this age you’re just getting more candy, a new toy, a later bedtime, or the privilege to press the elevator button.

Plus, the fact that you’re like 5 years old means you don’t know any better but to whine.

For adults, this bad habit needs to die as soon as possible. Because it’s clear to me that the more time you spend whining about a situation, the more you delay making progress to solve it.

And you’re fighting a battle you can’t win. The only way to win is to stop whining and start taking positive action to improve your life.

That’s why I want us to make a commitment to stop whining. And instead, let’s take positive action with some of the following tips.

5 Actions 100,000% Better Than Whining

1) Analyze the situation with an open point of view.

Many people whine because they look at things from a biased point of view. To make progress, you need to think clearly about multiple points of view or progress will be hard to come by.

2) Think about how you could have responded, thought, or acted differently.

Taking responsibility is the best way to feel in control of your life and the outcomes, positive or negative, that result. For example, it doesn’t matter what your editor did, you’re ultimately in control of your book’s quality. And if they’re not on page with you, you can fire them.

3) Come up with specific actions to address the current situation.

Now that you’ve reflected on what you could have done differently, write down a specific list of what you’re going to do now and or next time a situation like this comes up.

4) Do what you can now to make progress.

It’s not possible to take back time. You can only take action now to improve the situation. So do those action steps that you came up with to improve the situation. And if there’s nothing to be done to save the situation…

5) Forget about it and move on.

If there are no action steps and it’s just a loss, injustice, or whatever you want to title it, the key to stop whining is to first realize what’s done is done. Then, since there’s nothing to do in these situations, you’ll truly make progress when you learn from it and move on for good.

The overall goal here is to retrain your brain to not whine when life doesn’t go your way, but make the most out of the situation.

Final Words

As an author, whining can slyly get in the way and only cause problems for your book writing, marketing, or launch.

However, if you’re practiced in going away from complaining and to some of the action steps above, you’ll be a more productive and successful author.

That opens the door to accomplishing more quicker, so you have extra time to take on more projects and turn out an extremely well done book that you’re forever proud of.

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