9 Great Reasons To Write A Book


While writing on my first blog TakeYourSuccess.com, the idea to write a book sparked in my mind.

I didn’t know all of the little steps involved in writing a book, but I felt this compelling desire to do it that wouldn’t go away. So I wrote a book (The Golden Resume) which went on to become an Amazon bestseller.

And the second that book published, I went from blogger to author and entrepreneur. Just like that, the name Brian Robben carried more influence with it.

One book turned into another book, and now I’m the author of three books.

I also had to take a crash course in marketing to promote my books. That helped me network with influencers and hustle harder.

Now I am:

  • Paid as a marketing consultant for multiple small businesses
  • Speaking at events
  • Teaching others how to write a book with this site
  • Working on multiple online courses

How did all of these stars align? It didn’t happen because of luck. It happened because I put in the hard work to write that first book mixed with the power that a book brings.

So if you’re looking for a catalyst, it’s obvious that publishing a book started this forward momentum and produced fruit in other areas of my life.

But where did my desire to write a book come from? It came from understanding all of the benefits that come with being an author. Once I learned that, the motivation stuck with me.

To motivate you to write a book, here are nine great reasons:

1. Establishes authority

Want to know the best way to establish authority in a subject? Become an author.

Sure you could spend three years in grad school and accrue enormous debt to build some authority. Or you could spend 10 years working in an industry.

Yet excluding the debt and amount of time these other routes require, you wouldn’t walk away with the same level of expertise as an author on the subject.

Experts are always in high-demand. Take advantage of it by writing a book.

2. Passive income

It doesn’t make you an evil, greedy monster to be interested in writing books for the monetary gains. Money is one of the many reasons I write books.

And what’s a blessing after the book is written, is this passive income flows to my bank account month after month without me giving it any attention.

Once your passive income is high enough, you can quit your day job and be location-independent. That’s exactly what I did after publishing a book.

3. Makes you unique

Imagine you’re in a circle of people at a cocktail party and someone asks you the standard question, “What do you do?”

Without a book, you would say, “I’m an insurance representative,” and get an interest score of 2/10 (not trying to hate on insurance reps). But with a book under your name, you could say, “I’m an author,” and get an interest score of 9/10.

Not many people know authors. So if you become one, you’re immediately more unique and interesting than the next guy or girl.

4. Easy networking

Say you’re at a conference or seminar where every guest is handing out business cards. But you do one better and hand out your book.

Consider the first impression that comes with a power move like that compared to being like everyone else.

Being an author also paves the way for more positive responses when submitting guest posts, trying to connect with influencers, and causing influencers to reach out to you.

I’m telling you that a book is one of the ultimate door openers.

5. Avenue to coaching/consulting

You most likely won’t sell your book for more than $10. However, you can sell coaching or consulting for $10,000 or more.

Why would an individual or business pay you to coach them? Because you’ve proven yourself through writing a book on the topic and displaying your mastery.

When you have a system or knowledge that produced impressive results, they’ll happily pay you to repeat it for them. Sometimes they’ll beg you to work with them.

Not to repeat myself too much, but if you don’t have a book, your coaching or consulting service is a harder sell.

6. Opens speaking gigs

Conferences, organizations, companies, schools, and nonprofits are always looking for speakers.

Who gets many of these speaking gigs? Authors, because of the benefits outlined above like their subject expertise, uniqueness, and networking power.

Oh, and you already have the basis of what you’ll speak about in the content of your book. Add a story and some emotional appeal to your book content, and you have an exciting speech from repurposing your writing.

Think of how nice it’d be to receive a speaking fee plus set up a table to sell your books after your talk. Authors do it all the time, so can you.

7. Perfect marketing tool

Writing a book conveys trust to others. And it just so happens that trust is crucial to marketing and getting paying customers.

A book can also be accessed by anyone across the world. Where you can’t go, the book can go to find a new audience.

Inside your book, there are many easy roads to market your other services or products.

Have other books? Lead readers to buy them in the back matter of your book. Have an online course? Pitch the benefits of it in your book. Want to speak or consult? Provide your contact information for interested readers.

8. Builds confidence

Writing a book isn’t easy. Some days you won’t be inspired, you’ll be tired, or you’ll be stuck with writer’s block.

It’s through overcoming those hurdles and stepping into the unknown, uncomfortable space to come out victorious that instills unshakeable confidence.

Once you know you have the guts to write and publish a book, you’ll ask yourself, “What else can I accomplish?” This confidence will be contagious in every aspect of your life.

Then you’ll know you can write another book, start a business, run a marathon, or ask that girl or guy to a coffee date.

9. Changes lives

And I saved the best reason for last: The message in your book can forever change the life of a reader.

Personally, I felt an overwhelming sense of meaning when I heard back from readers of my book The Golden Resume. One guy said he had interviews lined up and options for the first time in his life. Another girl said she had been struggling for months, until she used my job hunt strategies and landed a job.

I’ve never been prouder than in those moments.

And when this happens, your book becomes more than a book. It’s a source of light for other people—which is priceless.

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