Why You Need A Facebook Fan Page


Sharing content on your personal Facebook profile is one thing, but it’s a different ballgame when you’re marketing on a Facebook page. The ability to engage new audiences and give your existing audience what they want is ideal for your marketing.

That’s at least what I learned after recently creating my own page. (Did you like me on Facebook? Give me a like if you know what’s good.)

Facebook continues to offer amazing options to marketers like yourself, and a Facebook page is one of them.

If you’re serious about promoting your content, here are the most important reasons why you need a Facebook page:

1. Separate business and personal life

If you did your job right and picked out a specific audience to market your blog or books, then not all your personal connections will be pleased seeing your business content on Facebook. It simply won’t apply to some people, which is what you want.

Create a page to separate your voice to different audiences.

This works twofold. It’s a better situation for your friends and family, as well as your business audience who doesn’t care to see your personal interactions.

Each audience gets what they care about, and is happier because of it.

2. No 5,000 friend limit

Facebook limits your personal profile to 5,000 friends. Right now it’s probably not a problem, but once you start crushing it you’re going to leave a ton of fans out of the loop with that 5,000 person limit.

This problem goes away the second you have a Facebook page. There is no limit. If people care enough, you can have 10,000, 50,000, 100,000 or more fans.

If you’re just starting out, getting over 5,000 people to like your Facebook page will seem impossible. But give it time, and you’ll be thankful you have a Facebook page in place for your audience to grow into it.

3. Carve out more marketing space

A previous post I wrote details how to increase engagement on Facebook. You can easily use your Facebook page to encourage sharing, drive more views to your website, and convert more book sales when it’s time to publish.

Or if you have the money, you can choose to promote your page or boost your page to get your brand in the eyes of more Facebook users. I’ve had decent success doing this a few times without putting more than $5 into a promotion.

4. Page insights

I’m a big fan of Facebook’s (relatively) new page insights! Insights reveals your page’s likes over time, post’s reach, page visits, times to post when your fans are online, and demographics on your fans.

And you’re not getting this data on your personal page. So it only makes sense to use the data of a billion dollar company for your business.

Going Forward

Those are the four main reasons why I’m convinced you need a Facebook page. It’s a must-have today.

If you’re on board now, click here to create your own page. You’ll have to choose between setting up a page as a public figure (as an author or entrepreneur) or a page for your blog. Both work in my opinion.

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Do you have a Facebook page yet? Why or why not?

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