Trade 1 Hour A Day To Become An Author


So you want to be an author? (I would hope so, or you’re reading the wrong article.)

If you fall for the myths of the old publishing world, you would be lead to believe that to become an author takes years of full-time writing. (This is not true.)

You can’t possibly have a day job or be a student, because writing has to take up all of your working hours. (Wrong, again.)

You certainly can’t be a business owner and have time to write a book. (So incorrect.)

In reality, you can publish a killer book in a few months if you write one hour a day during that time.

1 Hour A Day of Writing

Don’t believe me? I’ve tested this theory largely during the writing process of my three books, and it didn’t fail me.

The thing with progress is, it gets easier and easier when you’re consistent. So when you commit to one hour a day of book writing, the writing gets easier and you get in a smooth rhythm.

After around three weeks, many times your brain gets so trained to write for an hour that it does it without putting up a fight of procrastination. (Maybe that’s just me because I write 1,000 plus words every day. The point is, it gets easier.)

Of course, if you don’t stay consistent, then each time you sit down to write will be a big struggle that you lose sometimes. Writing one hour a day solves that problem.

So all you need is to write one hour a day for two to three months to become a published author. That’s it!

You don’t need a full 60-minute window either. If you only have four 15-minute windows to write, make the most of that. Get creative if you must. Do whatever you can to write for one hour a day.

Like most goals, your excitement will carry you in your book writing for the first few days or week. But then, as you realize the weight of the project and how much work goes into it, you might fall into the trap of skipping days—or worse, give up completing the book altogether. Don’t let that be you!

Stay motivated by remembering why you decided to write a book in the first place. Then visualize yourself holding your published book in your hands and that unique feeling of satisfaction that comes with it!

Different Ways To Commit

It’s easy to read this blog post, agree that one hour a day of writing would serve you well, and then completely forget about it during your crazy schedule. You only gain value out of this post is if you take action to write for one hour a day.

To help you do that, I came up with some other ideas to stay committed:

1) Put a sticky note everywhere.

By everywhere, I mean on your bathroom mirror, in your car dashboard, on your room door, on your fridge, and go all out to remind yourself to write one hour a day. Seeing this repeated phrase will help you stay focused on the mission.

2) Make a wallpaper for your phone screen.

Browsing through social media is one of the biggest productivity wasters, so having a wallpaper of your goal can stop you before you go down the rabbit’s hole of procrastination.

3) Find an accountability partner.

This works because knowing someone is going to hold you accountable to your writing goal is often powerful enough to write. Most people will do anything to avoid shame or embarrassment.

4) Incentivize yourself through temptation bundling.

Temptation bundling is the process of committing yourself to do one thing you should do before (or during) one thing you want to do. For example, one might bundle going to the gym with watching their favorite Netflix show after. For your case, you would bundle book writing with a great pleasure of yours.

5) Put your money on the line by making a bet with a friend.

Money is one of the ultimate motivators. So to kick your butt into productive writing mode, promise a friend that you will pay them $100 (or $500, $1,000, or more) if you don’t write an hour each day for a month. Or agree that you have to donate to your least favorite charity if you don’t write for 60 minutes each day.

Or just get a tattoo on your forearm that reads “WRITE ONE HOUR A DAY” (just kidding!). However, if you suffer from the slightest form of procrastination, you need to find some type of reminder that works for you.

Your book needs to be written. And the best way to write a book is piece by piece, slowly but surely.

Writing for one hour a day does this for you.

Want the exact roadmap and an accountability partner to ensure you become an author in 12 weeks? You can hire me as your author coach.

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